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We get that building engineers CONSTANTLY juggle projects. Whether it's replacing bulbs & ceiling tiles or retrofitting old buildings with a myriad of updates, they're always busy. Quite frankly, it takes an inordinate amount of time for them to source the various items needed to perform their tasks, shop for them on line or in store, & then pick them up. All of this actually takes them away from focusing on your tenants' needs & fulfilling their requests in a timely manner. 


That's where HTBMS comes in! We source & deliver materials so engineers can focus on their projects rather than shopping. 

Let's give a thumbs up to better time management & more of those completed projects! It's about working smarter, not harder!


Building engineers call, text or email us with what they need. We research, source & deliver their products. 

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The list of building maintenance supplies we provide are literally in the hundreds with some of the more common items listed below. Think of us as your go-to supply house complete with sourcing & delivering your items all while providing great customer service. We shop so you don't have to!

  • Bathrooms: stalls, sinks, miscellaneous dispensers, auto faucets & flushers, fixtures etc.
  • Ceiling Tiles & Grids
  • Hurricane Preparedness Items
  • HVAC: actuators, custom filters, grills, sump pumps, thermostats, etc.
  • Lights: ballasts, bulbs, lamps, emergency & exit lighting 
  • Plumbing Supplies
  • Tools & Machinery
  • Specialty Items & more!

Specialty Products


We specialize in hard-to-find & custom products for buildings of any age. Whether they're on the National Register of Historic Places like the JPMorgan Chase Building, formerly known as the Gulf Building & the Texas Commerce Bank Building, at 712 Main, or new builds like the Microsoft Building in beautiful Town & Country Center. HTBMS was there to meet their unique needs & is here to meet your needs.

We've designed locker room shower stalls, remodeled commercial bathrooms complete with stalls, urinal walls, sinks, auto faucets & flushers & more. We've even had custom metal awnings built & installed. 

 If you need something out of the ordinary for your building just let us know - we'll hook you up!

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Services That Set Us Apart


  • Workshop & Storage Organization: We will help organize your work area & provide the items needed to ensure your supplies are readily accessible to meet your tenants’ needs quickly.
  • Property Walks: We will walk your property with you to determine what maintenance items are needed & work with you to get your project list checked off.
  • Building Appearance: We look at your property’s appearance from the tenants’ points of view & provide recommendations accordingly. We will gladly walk your property with you to make a list of the items needed to modernize your building with the objective to attract more tenants.

When you're ready to make your work world work for you, give us a call!


Be Prepared


Growing up along the gulf coast means hurricane preparation is in our blood. Armed with this knowledge we developed a list of items needed to both prepare for & clean up after a hurricane or any other tropical disturbance. Utilizing this list, our clients were able to have the materials in place to weather Hurricane Harvey. Let us help you prepare before the next storm hits.

FloodSax® Flood Defense System



FloodSax® Instant Sandless Sandbags protect people & property against surging floodwaters by absorbing water without the shovels, sand, labor or mess of regular sandbags. The 1 lb. FloodSax® patented technology uses a self-absorbing & self-activating sand alternative which soaks in & holds up to 50 times its dry weight. FloodSax® are compact, lightweight, easily stored & reusable. FloodSax® are also ideal for clean up of any type of water leak. Let us know & we'll be happy to show you a sample of this amazing product.

OCS - Odorless Counteractant Solution



OCS is a powerful odor eliminator that destroys odors at the source. It is odorless itself, safe, non-flammable, non-staining, long lasting & easy to apply. Just spray it on the source of the odor & you're done! Great for commercial buildings, retail spaces, apartments, hotels, offices, schools, locker rooms, etc. This product is ideal for p-traps, bathroom drains, carpet, sub-floors - anywhere there is a bad odor like mildew, animal waste, smoke, garbage, tobacco, urine & more! OCS is the product you want in your cleaning arsenal.



Gilbert R.

"Whatever it is, I can count on Kimberli to get it. I've given her all kinds of special projects outside of ordering regular products for my buildings. She designed & remodeled a locker room shower & ordered all the parts. She also helped me outfit many of my buildings with custom blinds. She got everything I needed to remodel an old bathroom -  stall, urinal wall, sink & faucet.  Kimberli even had a metal awning built for one of my buildings. She makes my job so much easier. I can call or text her & don't have to spend my day on-line or standing in a line, shopping." 

C & W Services


Eduardo F.

"Kimberli Bell is very professional & I've never had any problems when I've ordered parts from HTBMS. When I do not know the serial or model number for a part, I just send her a photo. She takes action & is very quick to find it. I am very happy with her service. I recommend HTBMS."

Hartman REIT


Jean P.

"H-Town Building Maintenance Supplies has been an asset to Town Centre operation. Kim provides excellent service & she is guaranteed to follow up. Thanks Kim for all your help!"

Moody Rambin



Jose C. & Stan K.

"Kimberli has been great at getting quality materials for our properties. She is very kind & she cares about us."  - Jose

"Kim, I wanted to thank you & rave on an outstanding job you do in getting any supplies needed. Thanks!"

 - Stan K.

Hartman REIT


Leo G.

"I’ve been a building engineer since the late 90’s & I’ve never had the quality customer service & great prices that I get from H-Town Building Maintenance Supplies. I'm always so busy that I don’t have time to go buy supplies...an email, text or call to H-Town & Kim makes sure my supplies are delivered ASAP!"


JonErik A.

"I have been a building engineer for over 5 years & have dealt with many individuals. From tenants to management to vendors & contractors. HTBMS is my favorite vendor in this industry. Not only do I get what I need, I also get great customer service. No other company could meet the connection, communication & sourcing needs of engineers like HTBMS. 

I have & will always only work with HTBMS. I have so many reasons why they are my favorite & in my opinion THE BEST supplier in Houston. They always find what I need, even with old & out-dated equipment & materials. You can buy a thermostat anywhere, but you can't get great customer service like you get from HTBMS. 

HTBMS helped me get prepared when Hurricane Harvey was about to hit. Even with limited supplies in all of Houston, HTBMS delivered all the materials I needed. A week later I was in 3-4 ft of water with no power at one of my properties. With all the hurricane related items I had, I was able to prevent further water damage. Fortunately, I also had the personal safety equipment from HTBMS which I definitely needed during & after the storm. Their OCS product was great getting rid of the all the pungent orders left after the storm. To this day, I still use the OCS & all of the equipment & materials they provided. My company gave me a reward & named me one of "Harvey's Heroes." A lot of that goes to HTBMS!"

NAI Partners


We're here for all your building's needs!

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